Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How PURE are you ?

I'm half Kuwaiti and half America
my American part is half French
my French part is half Spanish
and my Kuwaiti part is crazy pure najdi :P
....So I am :
  • 1/8 Spanish
  • 1/4 French
  • 1/2 American
Khoush Cocktail :P wela eshraikum? 


  1. as boring as it may sound, im 1/1 kuwaiti.

  2. trust me its a blessing :)
    a7san min latkoon thaye3
    3ind el Kuwaitis int mathroob
    o 3ind el ajaneb int 3arabi!!

  3. i understand where your coming from, i just found you exquisite with all the race varieties you have, so cherish and embrace it. Aint nothing to be ashamed about no matter who thinks what.

  4. thank u *blushing*
    u just made the rest of my day since my morning was FUNKY ;)

  5. are u the old peony or a new one *confused*

  6. Wanasa!!!!

    Ur unique that's what u are...

    U should now speak spanish and french or learn to speak them if u dont ;)

  7. I should coz i dont :(
    'n thanx 4 stopping by :)